A different monsoon story

Gopal enjoyed the raindrops on his skin while herding his cows to their shade.

” This year we will repay the grouch moneylender” ,his wife Savitri chirped in with joy . Signs of worries have faded from her face.

Naughty giggles accompanied by continuous sound of splashing water from a distance urged him to look behind.

Radha and Monu with mud all over their body ran towards him. Gopal flung open his arms to embrace his kids.

With a jerk, Gopal came out of his slumber. Three flickering lamps on the floor and the rope stared silently at him.

The Lifeless tree of the parched Vidharbha land witnessed one more death.


In Hindus when a person die a lamp is lit in the house for few days to pay respect to the departed soul.

Vidharbha is a region in Maharashtra of India which faces drought incessantly. Due to this reason huge numbers of farmers commit suicide in this region.


Author: pages_from_diary

Exploring nooks and corners of India and capturing them in my words and photographs is my passion....

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