A day with Mother Nature @Chakrata

Nature has its own melodious way of starting your day which gets lost in the mechanical alarms that we rise up to every morning in the city. I love the way nature wakes up like a mother wakes up her child with love, warmth, care and patience.

I opened my eyes to the chirping of birds at Ramtal resort. I left my bed without any hurry and sank myself on the chair placed in the porch of the camp. Chirping of birds filled the air, the fresh white daisies swayed when the breeze touched them. The rays of the sun touched the top of the mountains while the valley was still waiting patiently for the warmth.



The camp site
Terraced slopes and a double-storied mud hut in the vicinity

“Such a beautiful morning should be enjoyed with a hot cup of tea”. As I thought of leaving the warmth of my chair, a staff member with a flask filled with tea appeared. He poured the tea into the cups for me and my hubby and moved hurriedly to the next camp. We two sat there enjoying every sip without any rush.

While we were busy with our cup of tea accompanied by chitchats .. Lassy went out of the camp..Sniffed the flowers … Did her job and came back.
Lassy and chocos are completely different kind of travellers…. while Lassy enjoys the road and is more interested in the food , chocos on the other hand enjoys completely exhausting himself exploring the place and making new friends( which includes humans and dogs) … He is least interested about food.

It was quite late when they served the breakfast due to full occupancy at the place and there was only two staff to serve them. But the poori sabji that they served after long wait for breakfast would make anyone drool and we concentrated more on the food, forgetting and forgiving for the delay.

After breakfast, me , Arnab and the ever energetic Chocos went out to explore the place.

Just beside the resort is the Ramtal park. A black arched gate marked it’s entrance , otherwise the place looks no different from the surrounding area. There is a small office but not a single living being was seen in the whole premises.

The Office inside the Park
Arched gate..Entry to the garden
The rolling meadow..feel the nature

The slopes of the mountain in the garden had deodars, pines , silver oaks and apples , which I could identify with my limited knowledge . We kept on walking on the track. The track moved along the mountain slope. The slopes on the side of the track were covered with different types of ferns, algaes and small plants bearing tiny flowers. The serpentine road down below moving along the mountains presented a picturesque scene.

It was midday and temperature was soaring so we decided to return to our camp.

The camps were quite spacious with a double bed and a single bed. There was a wooden stand with electric boards and switches. The

Lunch was ready. They served rice, roti, dal, aloo ki saabzi and paneer. The cook deserves
appreciation…every meal out of his kitchen was perfect and tasty.

After taking a nap( remember we were on do nothing vacation) me and my daughter went out to witness the sunset. Anupam, the owner had previously informed me that sunrise and sunset both can be viewed from the place. We missed the sunrise but didnot want to miss the sunset.

We two walked uphill and reached a lonely, newly built cottage which was uninhabited at that moment. We sat on the porch of the cottage and watched the color of the sky slowly changing as the sun started descending. The valley down below looked so beautiful. Smoke was coming out of the chimneys of some mud huts. The villagers have lit up the chulha to cook dinner. Some kids were playing cricket in the nearby field down below and their cacophony filled up the evening air.

The gorgeous sunset


The sun preparing itself to take leave for the day. The presence of cotton-like clouds sailing In the sky during sunset filled the sky with a rich golden color.
It was amazing…. We sat there for sometime after witnessing a beautiful sunset.

It started getting dark … So we slowly walked towards our camp.

The evening went by chatting, playing board games….. There was so much time for each other. Time …..the costliest asset in todays world…. we utilised each moment to the fullest.

Had a home made( like ) dinner…. Chicken was served in addition to dal, chawal and sabji.

Next morning , we left for home, only after savoring the yummulicious chole bhature.

We left chakrata full of energy to take on the chaotic, mechanical city life……

Best Time To visit : Avoid the summer months, as it was quite hot during day
Package : Rs 3500per tent including two times meal with both veg and
non-veg item. Extra bed will be charged 1000 rs including two time meal.

Bornfire and music will be provided as a good will gesture

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